AoA everyone,

Today when I saw the post of @nickatnite of an Indian car, remind of a not-so-old thread about the end of Revo. Now, I would like to know what exactly is going on here? I would like to here comments from local people who are involve in such projects (i.e. who are based in Pakistan) and not in Detroit, USA. I respect people like @MotownMadman whose contribution is a lot. But I like to here if there is any good project in progress here. Indian market is without a doubt a large market but Pakistan is not a small market as well. We are larger than many European and Asian countries. Chinese companies are coming up, Indians are their making name in International auto scene, but we are not there. Why we hesitate to work with a co-production? Like Proton did, like Tata did.

@MotownMadman told us that some european or US car steering assembly has been designed in Pakistan, why such things are not highlighted? At least on PW, it is not necessary to name a company or person(s) involve but those who are doing it or are capable of doing it should come up, discuss things and explain their technical capabilities. It is necessary because among 140 or 150 million people living here, not everyone belongs to army but there are people who love this country.

I know govt. doesn't encourage such people who want to give some name to this country. I remember what has happened to an excellent project of "Yasoob" truck project. But Saleem Altaf and his partners still enjoy good life despite their well known corruption and their ripping off the money. Anyways, are we only left to make our name in corruption? Without army involvement (directly or indirectly) no project would be successful in this country? This is among my few gripes which I have.