the front shocks of my car are feeling hard on bumps.
they are also a bit noisy on bumps (no metal sound ,ratlling sound) but still produce some dampened kind of sound.

my car needed allignmnet as it was tilting towrds one direction (left side)

i asked the mechanic about the shock .
he told me that i should change the bushes.

will this fix the problem.

or will i have to change the springs.as the suspesnion is harder than the backside suspension.

what will be this price of the bushes.?(ifv only they are needed to be relapced)

what is the market rate of front suspension.
kabli and new.

can any one name any good mechanic in lahore(any member who got his work done from him.)

its a civic 97

****how much will it cost to change the rings of the engine as it starts to burn oil above 100 kms.
but if i drive below 100 kms /h
3000 kms with the same oil is done