Friends, now I know first of all that RPM meter is not built-in with Sprinter neither with ECO. Well first of all, I got a Suzuki Sprinter ECO 2007 model for 28 thousand, engine in great condition and bike also not at all in bad condition will post the pics soon ... !

Well friends, I am not really satisfied with the meter ECO comes with and that meter is also very old and rough, I want to change to something else, well now, I was planning to install a meter of CD 70 as I love that one But I was wondering if it would be possible to install a meter of 125 or any chinesse meter that come now days with RPM section, in few CD 70s and chinesse 70 cc bikes "like Ghani" I have seen that RPM works even if their engine is not supported it's some thing that electritian does something with electricity , I know it doesn't nucessarily gives that exact RPM but still that needle works SO is it possible to do the same thing with the ECO?

And what's your suggestion? I mean I dont like the default meter so I want to change to something else, do give suggestions on which meter should I install which will look better and also fit with the size of tank and head light as I think CD70 meter would might be a bit smaller?

Thanks I am badly waiting for a helpful answer,