ho has any body ever done it to the carbi? i got chaina carb whgich is 15 mm and stock doom is 17mm ,, so can i bore it to 18mm or a bit bigger? obviously boring in circular shape would increase the entire size and there would be gap between walls of slide tube,, so only boring the top semicircle so that only top end is affected ..?
in the pic below i have highlighted the area that i want to bore out,, it seems that i can safely bore out that area ,, without affectng the body ,,? what are your words ?this is crown lifan carburetor,, overall it has much much better finish then genuine carb,, also sometime ago i checked lifan carbs they were not so good this one seems to be very good..performance wise since it is smaller in bore so it is slightly below genuine,, hope boring out will boost that shortcoming,oval boring a carburettor for top end gains? -243728