Whenever i came across bikes especially superspots category i always drool on the pure epicness of these speed monsters..The ultimate bike experience..Here in pakistan an average bike loving citizen is willing to pay 3-4 lakh for a quality sports ride but thats to our great government policies and sohnay pay sohaga Mr 10 percent its is way over budget for saadi qaum like ours..

Now lets come straight
600cc sports bikes post 2008 model costs 12 Lakh PKR on the average--used ofcourse
1000cc sports bikes post 2008 model costs 19 Lakh PKR on the average--used

Now lets compare the above prices with the US OLX
for Honda CBR 1000
honda cbr 1000rr

And for the most exquisite rides

Motorcycles for Sale, Used Motorcycles for Sale, Motorcycles | OLX.com

In short there you can get a 1000cc 2005 sportster in b/w 3-4 lakhs

2009 1000cc model in 8-8.5 Lakh Pkr

and best of the best under 10 Lakh

Lets us check out Ebay too

Honda CBR - Get great deals for Honda CBR on eBay!

600cc Honda cbr sportster in 3-4 lakh

1000cc Honda cbr sportster in 6-7 lakh

97-98 1000cc Honda Blackbird just 1.5 Lakh

Honda CBR - Get great deals for Honda CBR on eBay!

YZF r1 2004 3-4 Lakh

YZF r1 2005-2006 5-6 Lakh

YZF r1 2009-2010 7-8 Lakh

Motorcycles | eBay

2003 hayabusa in just 4 lakh

and check out other prices

Mujhay andaza nai tha kay yehan halat itnay kharab hain..Moqa milay to main personaly snipe karun MR 10 percent ko agar moqa milay..Raat parhtay huay bore ho raha tha to tang aa kar is kaam main par gia..Ab to tabiat nasaaz ho gai hai..

Lagta hai mulk say bahar hijrat karni paregi

Kisi shair nay kia khub kaha

Justaju jis ki thi, us ko to na paya hum ne,
Iss bahaney se magar dekh li dunyaa hum ne..