Salam to all PAK Wheelers
it's my very first appearance in this group, i read so much about GS 150 on this forum so i thought i should share my experience of my giant female elephant GS150 2014

i bought it for 107,000 PKRS on 27th October from HYDERABAD , very first issue that Suzuki owners used to suffer was THE PUNCTURE ISSUE , ALHAMDOLILLAH it didn't happen in my case, i feel LUCKY and proud at same time

2. My huge concerns are with its fuel consumption, i did add just 2 litre Fuel at the time of purchasing, and i've made just 45KM of Mileage with this. ( Please advice me about how to deal with this? )

3. it has same issues with its Chassis , it still leans right ( i had same issues with my previous GS 150 of JUNE 2013, i sold it for RS 82k just to get brand new bike with no issues but it has same issues in it )

GEAR SHIFTING problem still persist ( they're much harder )
Rare spocket still noisy ( probably its due to the loose rubber bushes, i'm not an expert though, i'm just quoting one of my friend's remarks after noticing the noise )

i didn't notice any vibration and noise in its body ( i did ride it at 90km/h ), i didn't notice any suffocation in it's engine yet , i find its jumps are working fine.

i'll share the pictures of my new bike soon.

(p.s note : i'm not an expert biker, everything i've shared here is my personal experience )