Alpinestars, the cycle-sports outerwear company, seems to have scored one for the safety-minded. The company ? with offices in northern Italy, Los Angeles and Tokyo ? has developed an airbag system that cushions riders? torsos in case of a crash.

Adjustments in a rider?s position or style are not required. When the Tech-Air Street airbag system?s sensors determine a crash is underway – a conclusion that is reached within 30 and 60 milliseconds ? compressed air is released from a pair of cylinders, instantaneously inflating strategically positioned air bladders.

The system is stitched inside a vest that in turn zips within the company?s Valparaiso and Viper jacket models. The Airbag Control Unit and air canisters fit into a rigid section ? modelled on a conventional back protector ? along the rider?s spine. The entire device is activated when the wearer zips the Tech-Air-equipped jacket closed.

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