Hello all pakwheelers hope you all are fine i'm a newbie to this forum. I own a chonda 2012 model recently i have been thinking about changing its head cylinder so i started surfing web and got this from this forum but didnt remember the topic so i wanna ask you guys that is this correct or do i have to change weight crank shaft etc if yes kindly tell me and correct my wrong concepts. the main reson behind this is to lower vibrations and to increase some speed (mai 70 ko rocket bana NHI chata hn ) and i cannot buy CG as i live in karachi my parents arent allowing me so i think this is the only way for me thankyou

The post which i got from pakwheels is as follows

agr bike bht bhaganay ka shauq hai to us kay liyay yay lo

2)97cylinder or 124 cylinder
3)20\65 quesion gherarai
4)CD-100 weight or 124 weight
5)16\35 chain spocket
6)125. carb.
7)124 ka 1 wala piston

agr us say kum to yay karwa lo.
1)78 cylinder
2)Star ka head
3)SD-110 piston of 1 no.
4)20\65 quession gherari
5)15\38 spocket
6)125 carb.
7)125 CDI

agr aur kum to
1)Cd-100 ka piston
2)15\38 spocket
3)125 carb.

aur kum to srf
15\38 spocket