Hi Guy,

New to PW, loved RM from the first time i have seen it and longed to have one from last 10-15 years. Just got one few months ago, its CD185 don't know exact year but pre 80's, love the ride.
I am not guy that want to go full throttle just like to cruise. I might be wrong but my experience is on low rpm the engine just acts like CG125 but it is good in high rpm as its engines run on 360 degree. Just came to know that CD250U is same type of engine but with 180 degree.

As was also planing to upgrade it from IDI to CDI.

My question is that can i use CD250 motor in the body of my bike ?
Would it be available ?
Any cost estimations ?

Thanks & Regards.

P.S. Sorry guys title is misleading, i meant "Honda CD250U motor in CD185 RoadMaster", CD250U not CD200U. Don't know how to edit title.