Assalam o Alaikum to all,

I am new to PakWheels. I knew about it but I registered and saw the website in detail just recently. I am here because I am a beginner and I am planning to buy my first bike. I have 12 years of driving experience so I am just weak in handling the two wheeler in the unpredictable traffic environment we have here in Pakistan.

Now I am planning to buy something that can give me a relatively good mileage and can handle the weight of a big tail box, saddlebags (I have seen some Traffic Police bikes having a metal frame around these metal saddlebags which I want because I want the bike to protect the riders in case of a fall), tank bag, metal crash bars, windshield and 2 riders and is on the lower scale of price range.

Some of the suggestions I get are Honda Pridor, Suzuki GD110S, Suzuki GS150SE, Yamaha YBR125G. I really don't know much about bikes. All I know is Honda has a good resale but that wont matter a lot to me. More resale means more chances of the bike getting snatched here in Karachi.

I have a few pictures to give the idea of how I want the bike to be:

This is the bike of 12gauge, a PakWheeler, who's windsheild style I admire : Pic3_zps51edbf85.jpg Photo by 12gauge-pg | Photobucket

This is very similar to Power Archi125 :

Both the bikes above fulfill my requirements. However, I am looking for something that is on the lower end of the price range that can give me a good mileage relatively. For example, GS150SE is an expensive bike! I am not sure if I can handle its weight or if it is a first timer bike. A 150cc engine, in general, would mean low mileage in comparison to 70cc and 110cc bikes. I can and do ride bikes (70, 125 although it feels heavy on my forearms) but I am not the kind that takes sharp turns around jammed traffic.

Please advise me on this. It could be any bike but please give a little reasoning behind your choice. People told me that a 70cc bike wouldn't be able to handle the materials plus a pillion. None of them had personal experience so I am keeping this open! If you say 70cc can fulfill my reuirements, please give me a little reasoning for which I will be very grateful!

Hope to enjoy in the PW Forum

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