after engine cg125 overhaul at home with reference to service manual

every single component of engine is replaced with new, except for gear set and gear shifter drum.

1: does clutch basket(clutch baska) matter? i used old clutch basket and replace pressure plate and clutch plates.
2: engine stalls if you pull clutch lever in and bike is in 1st gear if no accelerator is applied
3: bike having hard time moving from stationary in first gear.
4: engine was overheating but now it seem to ok.
5: around 240km have been done so far.
6: both tappets are kept at clearenace of 0.006inch
7: carburetor setting is factory default ( 2.5 turn for fuel screw)
8: does carburetor need to be rejet? as 1.00 piston is been used this time.