Honda C50 & C90 also known as cub & super cub is the most famous & sold bike manufactured by Honda Motors.With more than 60 million sold worldwide,it is the best selling powered vehicle of all time.The Honda 50 is still produced today, 50 years after its inception. The variant Honda C90 with a larger engine displacement is also still produced. Today, the Honda Super Cub's primary market is in Asia.(wiki)

From last 2years honda cub sales have increased in young nationwide.Honda motors launch 50th annivarsery edition with collaboration of leading artists,designers,musicians and pro racers.

There are 61bikes with custom paint job on sale on yahoo auction.

Jenson Button design.

Love Honda Cub 50 Project - 44827attach

Love Honda Cub 50 Project - 44828attach

Some other design.

Love Honda Cub 50 Project - 44829attach

Love Honda Cub 50 Project - 44830attach