I have a very interesting question, have you ever heared of " pocket bike " or "mini bikes" ? They are nice, I think speed wise they are like my CD 70 but with a very much higher oil consumption. SO what I am guessing is, if there is a way in which I can buy the frame and (or) accessories of "pocket bike" like frame and that massive fat tires and set up with my CD engine? Is it possible or there is a possiblity of such things? In this way , my CD engine would be used with a great look and enjoyable ride.

A photo is attached of what Pocket bikes look like :


Or check out this link about more details about pocket bike :

Pocket Bikes, Mini Bikes, and Parts at USA Pocket Bikes

And yes one more thing, if it is not possible, do tell me, where can I buy such pocket bikes? The pocket bikes are basically Chinese bikes, I saw such a bike here in my area made by "Excel" company of China bikes.

Badly waiting for answer,