Hope you all are doing good. This is my first thread on pakwheels. I have a cbr250 I got its engine overhauled after wasting alot of money and time its still having issues with the engine like the gasket blows up, bike heats up and wont crank up until it cools down, gives a little smoke at high revs, mechanics say the head has been too much polished/faced I've tried putting 2 gaskets but still the problem persists.
Finally I have decided for a engine swap. Can one help me where can I find a good engine with carb's and cdi. And for how much?
Can a hurricane engine(MC14E) fit in aero without alterations(MC17 chassy). My friend has found a hurricane's engine in Dubai I want experts opinion on this PLEASE. "Hurricane's engine in aero" IS IT POSSIBLE WITHOUT ALTERATIONS?