I have purchased Santro GLS model 2000 about 2 months ago and it was running fine, the AC was also great even at daytime with full sun but from 1 week I felt that AC cooling is dropping, I went to car AC mechanic and asked him to check, he said that AC needs service, after that he serviced condenser, inner AC unit and also changed the discharge pipe coming from bottle because it was leak and he said it caused the gas to leak after everything he recharged the gas but now I am not satisfied with cooling the AC only throw pleasant air not the chillness like before also there are two pipes coming from inner unit of AC, I know one should be hot and one should be cold but the one that should be cold is not very cold now, its just normal little colder than normal. What do you guys think does he charged less gas in AC ? After charging he wasted some gas saying that he charged extra in mistake.

Can any one guide me what can be the problem, I heard that Santro AC is one of the best and I also felt that after purchasing the car but now its nothing like before ? Please help me out.

Also if any santro owner know, what quantity of gas should be charged in santro AC because here every AC wala try to make you fool when charging gas.