Hi - i have recently installed 175/60/13 in my lovely santro, brand is Bellagio / indonasian made!
So far i love drive of my car , grip is good but when i drive on GT road with 2 persons sitting in back seat i hear sound of Grrrr.. on bumpy road, perhaps back tyres are touching car body side walls. On my mechanic suggestion i added 1 inch packing in back springs, even then some times back tyres touch the car body with load in the car.

let me mention here that my car has a kind of hallow RIM too,if someone see my car from front or back all tyres will appear a bit outside of the car body... so please advise what is the best solution of this problem i dont want to downgrade these tyres .. will this problem be solved if i change my RIMs since i see around 1 inch of gap between wheel drum and nuts .. may be in this way it could be solved or should i try stock rim with these tyres, please advise!

Thank you.