A couple of months ago I visited Hyundai sowan which was Hyundai Showroom/Workshop. I was there to get may car's speedometer fault check n fix. But what I witnessed was another brand of trucks and pickups had acquired all the area which hyundai sowan motors had.

Then I gone forward and asked guard. He instructed me to go forward on road and then on road side you will small hyundai board.

I did same and saw a small board on first floor of very old small shops. Then I gone forward, gone up to first floor, approached that small room. What I saw was only two lead mechanics of previous Hyundai Sowan Motors were sitting on small bench outside of roam with no equipment with them. Also the staff which used to be on reception was siting in small roam with no equipment.

When I asked them to check car, they even did not had a small cloth, and asked have you cloth in car. Then he checked speedometer cable was broken, so he sent me over to sadar which is away from place. Finally I got fixed from local mechanic.

So what happened to hyundai sowan? Do any one have any info? Is it ruined to not come back ? Also, what i had noticed they were overcharging like hell in their last few months. May be they were trying to save their setup.