Hello fellow pwheelers

As the title states i am looking for a workshop that specializes in auto tranny repair.The trouble is i have an old classic car(fiat 600 1959) and its 2nd gear slips,also the gear sometime whines when shifting.So i assume the gear syncros teeth are messed up and need replacement.As we know for present day cars we just swap the faulty tranny with a kabuli one and are done with it but my ride is hanging in the balance here.

Thus i am looking for a facility that specializes in transmission.

Also adding transmission parts require specific material selection(case hardened steel) and are basically forged.Lathe/nominal setups result in poor quality which results in gear slippage.SO if any one has any information regarding such facility please do reply.

I was also interested in importing them but they are not available.Only rebuilt transmissions are being offered and they are super expensive :/