Salam all,

I've 90 model swift. It is running fine for me but for last few months I've started feeling some problems in its front section including
  • Produces alot of noice even on less bumpy roads.
  • If I suddenly leave race, it gives a jerk and I get a sound from left front side.
  • Some noise under feet of someone sitting on front seat with driver.
I am planning to change my car's shocks as I think they are the main cause of problem. But I don't have any experience of purchasing shocks. I asked one mechanic and he told me that there are two types of shocks available in market: 1) Chinese 2) Kabli. He suggested me to go for Kabli shocks.
Can you guys give me your expert opinion about shocks? Also from where should I buy them and also some good mechanic.

Also I read on some thread about installing KYB gas A-just monotube 552017 shock and Bosch 4 tip. Can you provide me feedback about it and from where can I get them?