Hi Guys;

I have 1992 khyber that has gone through a bit over last 10 years. Engine has been popped open once for ring/piston - about 3 years ago. Then in last 18 months gaskit has been replaced twice. Radiator has taken some beating over the years as well and needs to be replaced.

I thought of selling it but then decided against it. But would like to get the engine and other parts in order. My mechanic is of the view that the engine is pretty weak and I should consider replacing the engine.

Although the mechanic is reliable (if there is such thing ) I'd like to get a second opinion. However considering the fact that most of the mechanics are mechanics due to 'hands on training' :-) I'd like to have my car engined examined / tested / assessed by qualified mechanics.

Would the experts here recommend any good mechanics / workshops that I can contact.

I am in Karachi so a mechanic's address in Karachi would help :-)