Hi Everyone,
i recently moved back to karachi and wanted some cheap car to run around and i opted for a 2007 liana.
in the beginning the car was fine but after a while it started doing some issues like some time engine light comes up when im driving on petrol, rpm is too high (1100-1200 normally), and when the car is warmed up it doesnt take any self to start but with a light push on the car and leaving it in gear (while pushing) and turning the key self starts working and car does starts.
plus there was a noise from the compressor of AC but it used to work fine but couple of days ago cooling was very minimum so i went to get it cheked with my local AC wala, he told me that whole AC unit needs to be changed and would cost aroung 1500-2000 rupees.
could anyone please help me with these issues, i would be very grateful.
Many Thanks