Hello Car Lovers

Specially Mehran()

I have a problem. Must be straight forward to you guys. So here it goes

My model 90 mehran when ever i convert it to cng to petrol. It start but miss fires and engine has no power but (hard to explain phar phar wala sound) and then it switches of.

It gets converted without a hassle. Yeah i am been running on cng for a while thinking the old petrol might have gone dirty, or the tank is dirty. but fuel filter is filled with petrol after giving some ignition. So Do you think it might be the fuel pump, dirty carburetor, dirty tank or etc.

It runs fine on cng. ( It a mod so 1990 is 2010 kinda can provide pics )

Picasa Web Albums - Mufaddal Marvi - Project Mehran

check the pics if you like the body work

on the serious note really like to sort this issue out very troubling