Dear Experts, AoA

I have mehran-04 & recently my mechanic suggested to change the gadri as this one has rusted a lot only from the left side (battery side).

I bought a new one & installed it through a Denter but when he dismantled the old one, the side of chasi (or frame i dont kno what is called where the two bolts are tightened) was rusted alot (battery wali side). However he installed the gadri & welded it along with the bolts.

the other side of the car was good (not rusted) where gadri bolts are inserted.

My question is that should I change the frame piece which is rusted although bolts were tightened (one old bolt was free but when replaced with new bolts, it got tightened to some extent).

I would request all the experts to pls suggest if i should change that part of frame...

Ahmad Ali