Hello, i will be buying my first ever car and that will be Suzuki FX, i do not know about cars. I am a new member here.

Can someone tell me what is the actual price of FX at which it is being sold, not the advertisement prices.

Also can someone tell me what are the things i should be careful when buying this car?

a search here and i found this so far:

Dolphin in https://www.pakwheels.com/forums/gen...good-condition

1st chk its registration book original or duplicate (with duplicate book its price fall 10 to 20000), All tokens paid, Nos of time transferred, Body condition? Repaint? Rust on floor and on panels? Engine, Smoke? Sound? vibration? Battery and starting, Suspension, Wheels and tires condition,
Suspension sound on Plane road and on bumpy road, Suspension sound while full turn, interier, Dash board, Seats etc Its very difficult to find FX (1985 to 1989)with all above mention points. Remember parts of FX are easily available and cheapest.

Any other advice...