Hello all,

This is a post on behalf of a dear friend. He was, unfortunately, in an accident a few days in which he wrecked his Toyota Surf. The other party was good enough to offer to pay for the damages and my friend agreed. I do not yet know exactly what parts he needs but he mentioned two shocks, steering assembly and the 'sticker' that's on the side doors.

The problem he's facing now is that he's unable to locate the parts here. He was thinking or importing the parts either from Japan or Dubai. I told him Japan will probably be more expensive due to higher taxes and increased shipping. However, I do not have any experience in such things and I felt I could ask here. His only insistence is that parts be absolutely brand new (could one still find brand new parts for a 14 year old car?)

What is his best option for this? Import from Dubai? If so, would anyone here be kind enough to mention whom to contact here in Pakistan who would charge a reasonable rate and assure that parts would be new?

What would be the advice PakWheels here?