I want to get financed alto in Islamabad. I will be obliged if any member answers ma following queries.I plan to make a down payment of Rs.250,000 with paying off all principal within one year.I am going for a maximum cost of 750,000 to 800,000

1) Which is the best bank to go for? Rate wise, customer satisfaction wise?
2) processing period of the bank?
3) What will be the booking period/delivery period from dealer after the processing from bank?
4)What is the difference between Alto VXR and VXRi?
5) Is the CNG kit preinstalled as i heard it is banned?
6) Wht is the millage per Litre?
7)What about leasing Passo?
8)As i wish to pay off within one year, what lease term is recommended so as to minimize total cost? 3 years or 4 years?
9)What is Suzuki finance n what are the benefits over a bank?

Much appreciation for all who will give time to answer..