To start off this is a serious thread, so plz only give your input if you have something good to add.

There has to be some good mechanics Rawalpindi. We have over 200,000 members with some 20,000 in RWP/ISB and no 2 guys take their cars to same workshop???

My issue is that my Father is very sick, and car is required for his transportation to and from hospital every other day. My sister is getting tired of taking car to different mechanics. And every time car comes back we find that another thing is not working. e.g Got Air CON fixed yesterday and after few hours we noticed that the brakes are like gone.

I am near Qasim market in RWP and willing to drive to a good mechanic. I do not care how old or your or experienced the Mechanic is as long the work he does is satisfactory and do not take us for a ride.

Thank you for your help and assistance.