I have a civic vti that got delivered last month. I got it with the factory fitted navi/entertainment system. first of all does anyone know for sure who the maker of the system is?

SEcondly, does anybody know if there are any system updates for the system, or if it can even be updated? There are alot of issues i've noticed with the ent syste. for example being in navigation mode if you quit you dont go back to the home screen, you just stay at the menu that says something like gps adjust and one other icon and have to press system. This is even more odd since theres no hard home button on the system to take you to home screen.

Another issue is that no matter what i'm doing if i exit back to home screen it always defaults to playing a radio channel instead of the ipod over bluetooth or wire.

If someone knows if there is an update or where i can check for updates i would appreciate it. its a godo system i think for something made in china (touch screen is responsive, blueetooth audio is crystal clear), but maps are horrible.