AOA all,i have a suzuki khyber with following details
Made: Suzuki Khyber
Model: 1999
Color: White
reg city: Lahore

car has original engine which was overhauled 60k kilometers before and is still running perfect,no oil reducing and no smoke of any kind what-so-ever.. car has 50L cng tank which gives approx 150 in city with ac and on long,goes to 200.on petrol it gives approx 10kmpl with ac..AC is working fine, AC coil was changed last year,compressor and condenser are still good and are approx 5 year old.
things extra that this car beholds
1-clean interior
2-speedo meter with RPM meter(tachometer)
3-Platinum Plugs(installed approx 15k kms before)
4-new stock plug wires
5-STAP(advancer for carb cars used in suzuki cultus)
6-yokohoma s707 tires,about 15k kms used,rotated after 5k kms..still like new
7-good seat covers
8-new radiator
9-zic coolant

ok,now the hard part,car has a snatching history,car was snatched on 6-12-1999 and was recovered on 7-12-1999(after one day) i didnt know this at buying time and car was cleared by rawalpindi 15 at time of with this SMS thingy i came to know about this problem and car status was showing STOLEN..went to 15,and after alot of effort,i came to know that car has report in lahore.the car was recovered but the data was not updated in now i got it updated in computer records and so its all ok,car is currently on my father name.
I wana know what should be the price of the car?? what should i demand,car is all clear and can be checked by isb 15,ive got new Clarence certificate on 26-06-2012 sayin car was recovered..

your suggestions are welcomed