I have a 2002 Vitz, And since ive bot it in 2006, It used to do a bit ghrr ghrr as put on gear, Or on gear and brake pressed at signals.

I got the a/c compressor replaced around 1.5 years back, After that its gotten worse, its like ghrrrr ghrrr ghrrrrr ghgrrrrrrrr at low revs, if u turn of the a/c or or turn the car to neutral its not there, Its vanishes at high revs (aproxx above 2000-2500rpms)

Is the A/C compressor making noise? Is it the tranny ? or someother knocking issue?

But knocking should be like kr kr krr... And if its the A/C why does the sound vanishes as the car comes to pace (30-40km/h).

Theres no other issue, The cars a charm to drive (mashaAllah, gives around 14-15km/h) accelerates better then any car of its class can eat up any 1.3 car easily.

But this sound is realy irritating, specialy when my father turns of the a.c just to avoid that sound.

PS: Please ignore my naiveness about the exact wordings for krrr or ghrr