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Thread: Axio Fielder 2007 Maintenence?

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    Default Axio Fielder 2007 Maintenence?

    hi fellow PW's!

    can i pls get members and experts opinion on FIRST TIME maintenence in Pakistan for a Fielder Axio 2007 X-G-Edition 4WD?

    NOTE: i must say its an OWSUM piece of JDM Machine, and it has the potential to perform in lower rpms (eco) and higher rpm's. its SPACIOUS (which my famiyl with two kids need the most). and its not atall UNDER-POWERD. and the Toyota Reliablity comes with the package.. overall its an excellent estate car/ station wagon. i'm glad it has grasped its share in Pakistani Auto Market

    pls guide me on

    1) what needs to be done
    2) where in Rawalpindi can i get it done
    3) how much will it cost?

    also suggest if 16 inch alloy rim (also recomend the tire size for 16" rim) will do justice to the Fielder's drive / performance and ground clearence (wen with full load), as stock 195/65/R15 gets bumped on a few speed breakers etc,
    pls also suggest best place for buying Tires and RIM (near to orignal and NOT chiense) in RWP?

    can i install irradium spark plugs? will it enhance the performance?

    also the stock tire (general Japnese) create alot of drag when going above 110km/h and sometime u can smell the rubber tightly gripping the road. some1 @ toyota Rawal told me these are SNOW tires. hence the drag and lower milage

    it's currently giving me 11.5 KM/L (AVG on two full tanks w/ 70% local and 30% highway milage). isnt this quite less? i was expecting it to give me 14km/L in local? and 16km/L on highway? was i too far fetched with a 4WD?

    pls suggest which engine oil to use as its an OLD engine probably done 140k kms on the odo .. which grade oil do u recommend?

    do FUEL filter (in the fuel tank) needs to be changed? cleaned?

    does ATF needs to be changed? ATF chamber's cleaning??

    and the million dollar Q, does its Catalic Converter needs to be removed to enhance performance etc??

    another issue i noticed is un-wanted RPM jumps on LOW SPEEDS etc <40km/h. mayb its the CVT or mayb CVT or something needs a tuning? or is it normal for it to jump to higher rpms with rpm NOISE in lower speeds when trying to accelerate with a medium foot in lower gears

    do i need to get it Computerised check? if so then which shop / place is recommended in RWP?

    seat covers? (car's interior is Black, i'm thinking of going for FAWN color or light beige seat covers and floor mats) .. whats the best place for seat covers and interior things? and if possible then how much do these things cost?

    DVD navigation system w/ back view camera ( i want to install whatever is NEAR to orignal) .. currently it has stock MP3 players with outstanding sound quality. pls suggest place in RWP and cost if any1 has installed previously

    pls do WARN me about anything that i SHOULD NOT do to a stock fielder

    i'm eager to getting some answers in this post.. pls do help ... and i have been searching and reading forums since past TWO weeks, and still couldnt get answers for few things mentioned above... so pls HELP!

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    take tym in giving.. lyf's 2 short 2b selfish

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