Hi n assalam o alaikum n is the 7th and 8th generation civic suspension 100% same?, as I recently owned 1 eagle eye civic and changed its all 4 shocks along with bushes to brand new, and I just loved its suspension even at rough roads and car fully loaded it never gave me any issues, but I have heard that 8th generation civic has suspension issues? when the car is full and the road is rough? I am here comparing only 7th and 8th generation civic's suspension so plz no more comments on toyota that its suspension is better for rough roads etc ..

Also technically (or specification wise) what is the difference between the 7th and 8th generation civic suspension? one edge which 7th generation civic has, is its low weight too as compared with 8th generation .. need experts info and opinion on it along with users of both of these civics ,

(i think stats wise they both have Double Wishbone in the rear and MacPherson Strut in the front? may be some lil difference between them in 7th and 8th generations?)