assalam alaikum pakwheelers..
so i've decided to buy a honda city 2006 model.. as i am new to honda family esp to city category so i don't knw abt honda city whether its a good choice to buy for family or not?

secondly those who hav honda city or had an experience wid honda city can tell me better abt its pros and cons, mileage etc

i've heard tht honda city is not stable above 120 km/h.. is it true?

secondly i was cheking a website where they said... (copy pasting)

* "Poor handling, cornering (even with replaced imported tires).

Poor high speed stability (the car seems to be going much faster than it really is).

Poor braking, almost as bad as that of Corolla (I am really surprised at comments rating the brakes as high).

Interior of the car does not seem to be durable enough, and also appears cheap and poorly stamped. Needs improvement in materials. Door panels seem to be cheap and poorly stamped?? Attention to detail??? I think not.

Rough ride on even smooth roads.

Flexible body structure. Rattles from the body. Dashboard shakes.

Constant corrections to the steering are needed to keep the car going in a straight line."

2006 Honda City Reviews -

SO guys i need a review frm the experienced pakwheelrs about this..