Friend selling and I am interested in buying just want to pay the right price not too low not too high

1. Beige type color
2. Body untouched great condition. Alloy rims installed
3. 100,000 km
4. Islamabad registered
5. Toyota dealer maintained driven in isb by professional family
6. First owner
7. Automatic transmission. 1.8 engine. Ac and everything seemed to work just fine. Rides good
8. 2006 model late

Having trouble finding good untouched 2006 Altis isb registered just wondering what the correct price is because might sell in one year don't want to lose too much, sometimes if you over pay and keep it for a long time doesn't matter!

They are asking 12.5. I don't wanna be rude to a friend with a low offer I don't mind paying a bit over because its the right one.