CEO's Message
Alltrac (Pvt.) Ltd. - The Absolute Tracking Solution - spiltter
It?s our researched analysis that tracker industries customers have developed low expectation of quality over the years in Pakistan, in terms of security holes and bug counts, seems to be improving customers are still howling about these ordinary tracker services. As a result, it has come as a real surprise that the overall reaction to secure tracking concept has been muted, to say the least.

Our fundamental strategy is to provide the broad range of competitive, secure and reliable products with smart services to our customers, we & our customers believed that Alltrac is providing the best Personal, Corporate and Fleet Management solutions in existing competitive market.

We are working on advanced technologies with integration of IT & Telecommunication, to create robust secure & reliable services. Our corporate slogan ?Boost Your Security? that?s shows our core aims.

Dr.Muhammad Bashir Lakhani