Thank you all for sharing your experiences & giving your valuable advice in my previous threads.

I know that choosing between Swift Manual & Auto is utterly dependent on the owners choice/ requirement/ money spending. But still i would like to seek the advice of all at Pak Wheels. I have driven a manual swift & found it nice. I did not have an experience of driving an automatic car before but when i did a trial drive on vitz i somehow started liking it.

1/ I have heard some people saying that their auto swift does not go above 120 km or may be the accelerator get's hard...(c4capricorn has also mentioned it)
2/ Also how's the re-sale of both
3/ I'm somehow feeling that i would not be making a wise decision on going for an auto but then i would be refraining my self from an easy life

Your final views/comments/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.