I have no experience with jeeps before but planning to buy one for some off-roading fun. Recently I have seen a 1963 jeep which has a toyota 2d engine and complete suspension of rocky jeep. The owner has been using it for off-roading and the jeep seems to be in good condition. Plus the 2d engine is giving good mileage to him for daily use as well.

I was considering that option but that can never be used for family purposes. Although the plan is not to use the jeep for family but still need to keep that option open. So now I was considering to go for a 1980s pajero 3door. I need to know for how much I can find a good pajero and then what modifications (suspension and engine) do i need to make it a good off-roader. Plus I read on few threads that 80s pajero has some issues with engine? So what engine (good for long routes and off-roading) should be replaced and how much will it cost?