As the title says.I need help from RWP?ISB guys.
I am restoring a 86 corola.86 parts are not available in my city so my mechanic recomended to goto RWP and get it done from their. i need lilttle help from you guys that i need to know about some honest and good mechanic and electrition in rwp/isb.
main things need to be done are brakes,rear hub,all engine foundations. and as engine was swapped with 4efe.some sensors are missing and their are some jugars in wiring as well.
I m very much familiar with diesel and carby engines but in case of EFI i m totaly need an honest soul

one more question i have heard 86 parts are lil bit cheaper in pesh.? is that true? just an example that dash is for 32k in RWP and some says it is B/W 10-15 k in pesh.

Thankyou in advance!hoping for a positive response as usaul.!