Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum!

I may be moving to Pakistan next year and would be grateful for some advice re. choice if car. Im fortunate in that my company would pay any import taxes for my car. Id be looking to have a 4x4 - possibly a Pajero, Prado or Landrover. Essentially I've three options:

- to take my car from Europe,
- to buy a car from Japan,
- to buy a locally made (probably Landrover).

Ideally I'd like to export one from Europe, as I would be able to take it back with me if I returned (Euro spec) and wanted to. However, I've heard that local fuel (diesel in particular) isn't to the same standards - being Euro 2 and that it would cause damage to the later Euro 4/5 engines from over here - particularly the diesel particulate filter and ECU. Therefore an option may be to export a Japanese vehicle or buy a local LR.

Has anyone had experience of using a modern Euro spec engine and if so have there been problems? Is fuel any better in the major cities?

Is diesel or petrol easier to come by when put of the major cities?

Any other advice gratefully received

Thanks in advance