Dear All,
I own a 660 JDM ALTO GII, 2008. I have been never bothered about the fuel consumption but 3 days ago I took it to my regular mechanic for tuning. He recommended not to touch other things if the car is performing well. He just changed the plugs. I do not remember the ones which came out but they were NGK 7 something. He replaced them with NGK 7E..... But after changing I have not felt any change in pick or anything else... Also I have noted the increase in fuel consumption and also when i start the car it has a slight vibration now... everyone know that the best feeling of car is given by your back and bottom when sitting in driving seat.... So to conclude can anyone recommend me a good mechanic in RWP/ISL/Attock for tuning. Also from where can I have spare parts for it like rear shock absorbers and front bushes (hisay ka saman). Suggestion will be highly appreciated please....

Can I use the toyota injector cleaner with a full fuel tank !!

Thanks in advance for guidance