AoA, i have posted an ad for sale of honda civic 2007 oriel prosmatic, here's the link

Used Honda Civic VTi 1.8 i-VTEC Oriel Prosmatec 2007 Car for sale in Islamabad - 793326 | PakWheels

i've posted this ad for last two months and in these last two months i've got only 10-12 calls and literally zero visitor ! i dont know why but the car in its best condition as compared to other civics of that model. i've also featured the ad 4 days ago and in only four days the views have gone to almost 1800 ! and still only one call, and the person said i'm on the way, i'll be at ur place in half an hour ! but he is still on the way ! , i've asked very reasonable price, car is totally non-accidented, perfect condition !!

but problem is for whatever the condition is , the buyers dont know the condition until they dont call or visit to see the car in person !!! help me !!!!!!

experts are requested to tell me where is the fault, like if u look on the ad in general then , what are the nodes which give bad impact or make u feel like not giving a chance to call or see the car !