I have a Cultus (on CNG) which is used a LOT on a daily basis. It is however time to bid it farewell as I have used it for a very long time and its days are done.

I am looking for a replacement for the car and would highly appreciate it if you guys can give your suggestions for which car to replace the Cultus with.

Here is what I need from the car:
- mileage, mileage and mileage! Should have very good mileage to compensate for the fact that I will be driving on petrol instead of CNG (as I am not looking for a car with CNG anymore)

- very good AC, particularly in hot weather/summers

- year of manufacture (if imported) to be no less than 2012 (as I am going for bank financing)

- should be automatic transmission

- sitting space at the back should be more than a Swift (as it is very small), similar to the Cultus

I went and checked out the Suzuki Wagon R but personally did not like it at all.

Thank you for your help!