I know this topic has been posted before but I could not find the information I am looking for. Hence, I am opening up a new thread.

I want to buy a car with following characteristics.
  • Price range: 10 to 13 lacs
  • Mileage: Not more than 35000
  • Model: Not older than 2011
  • Spare parts easily available

I think both Vitz and Belta fall in this range. My questions are:

  1. Are Belta's (1.3) spare parts easily available?
  2. Whats the price comparison between Vitz 1.3 and Belta 1.3? There are not many 1.3 options in used car section, hence I couldnt compare the prices.
  3. What is the fuel economy of both Vitz 1.3 and Belta 1.3?
  4. What is the performance of both cars on bumpy roads? What I would like to avoid are the cabin noises that usually come from Suzuki cars.

Thanks in advance.