Dear all

i need a quick advice regarding purchase of my first car against following particulars,
-Budget less than 9 to 10 lacs
-i am single and living with 2 family members so dont need large sitting capacity- 90% of travelling will be alone
-Daily travelling is less than 40KM
-i have to visit my hometown (Bahawalpur) which is 450 KM from Lahore, after 2 to 3 months (so i will use car on long route as well)
-We first priority is to go for JDM cars (Mira, Passo, Witz etc.) and second priority is Honda City probably 2009 model, Cultus or Coure
-The car should be fuel efficient and less running and maintenance cost
-i intend to use the car for 3 years and then i will shift to other car (depending on family size and budget)