bhai u r very rite, but the fact is that adam motors should not fool their own patriot brothers, i kno that the price they set is low,but thats not good enough as as they are new in market they should be having a penetrating price which make ppl feel that yes this is wat local technology costs. their 105i model costs just 55k less than suzuki alto. ppl here are becoming more money & sstus oriented. i kno that it sounds strange but its a fact that chinees were our friends but now they are only money makers, they just want to capture another market. they have been in pakistsn for about more than 10-15 years & now they are starting to dump each & every thing in our market just to destroy local industry. another fact is that if adam motors are aquiring technology from china i think it would be a better practice to get the top of the line tech so that they can compete in local market. why is it like this keh in 105i there is EFI & in 80s there is still carborator. both models are supported by leaf springs (kamani system) at rear, as Pakistani roads are not in good conditions the car will jump like hell when it will come on bumpy road.adam motors truck sort of flopped as another chinee brand came into competition named "master" & i personally feel that people are purchasing master more than zabardast. adam's jeep is having isuzu engine, fine with that but wat about shape, it is just like old fox shaped jeeps used by army in mountanious regions like rawlakot & e.t.c. initially when they launched their car & all other wheicles i was the most excited person in Pakistan, but after looking at quality issues they simply disappointed me. here in Pakistan for a middle class person 269k is still a huge amount. if they do not get value for their money in shape of revo 80s they will loose their belief in Pakistani products & in future belief is all wat pakistani industry need to survive as vw, porche, chivorlet, mitsubushi, kia, bmw & tata are looking forward to invest in Pakistan. i kno that in west trend is changing & governments are crying on imported products but they brought it on themselves as china is making each & every kind of product & from lowest to highest quality that can compete any where & every where. so is it wise to get old technology on high price of shaking patriotism, loyality to local products & hard earned money???
i kno ur concern & appriciate it but facts are to be catered as well, there is no running away from it. ppl pakistan do not kno much about cars as they take it a matter of prestige that we are not to maintain our cars, it is the job of mechanics.
last but not the least, wat if suzuki lower its prices just give hard time to adam wat will happen??? an exaple is the rivelry of amrat kola & pepsi kola, initially pepsi bought all the empty bottels stock just to kik out amrat from the business, amrat had another option & shifted to plastic bottols, so is there any other choice for adam? as their technology is inferior, relatively price is on higher end being new enterant to the market. all i am asking is that they must act more realistically to have a sustained progress.
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