I have been searching for engine in the markets for last two weeks. As I am interested in D series engine , very much clear on engines that came before 2000. But the market is flooded with engines a shop keeper claims is engine that came after 2000. These engine has D15B block with Head CODE punched as either PLR or PLE with no distributor. When i try to search the internet such head code came with D17a. I ask shop keeper which ECU he will use he showed me PWA. PWA is ecu of JaZZ FIT which came in 1.3 and 1.4.

My questions with the expert are:
What is spec of these engines?
What ecu better run them as they are single SOLENOID?
All PLR ECU I have search came with D17a engines and their fuel mapping will be as per D17a, will such engine be fuel efficient?
What transmission suits them as I am interested in FD ratio of 4.250?