Just saw new Toyota Hilux 2016 and Fortuner 2016 in Pakistan, on our way to Naran, near Kaghan 😎. SUVs were covered (Toyota's front logo on + back complete) so that noone may identify them. Couldn't get complete picture of Hilux 😓(Missed the front). Anyways, get ready as these amazing rides will be seen on the roads of Pak soon 😍 Pakwheels isn't allowing me to post pictures here 😒😒 Link to Google Drive is:

[URL] https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_PF1xPVguiPcHRCVlpITTBZYmM&usp=sha ring

Will post the video when Pakwheels allows me 😐
Appreciation will be appreciated! 😂✌

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