Hello Guys i hope you all are doing great. I am thinking about buying Toyota Hilux primarily for offroad driving. Now what i have noticed on pakwheel is that, these vehicles are pretty expensive however, there is a little price difference between brand new one vs 5 years old vehicle along with more than 80000km millage on meter. I did a little search on brand new first so the most basic/ standard vigo champ ex factory price is around 3.1 million, so add up all taxes, and it is meant to be around 3.3 millions. Same goes true with other models like Vigo or GX, none of them are expensive more than 3.8 million. My question is why would someone even put an add for his vechile which is 4 to 10 years old, more than 80000 km millage on meter, obviously with some wear and tear at a price of whopping 2.8 million to 3.5m. IF the same brand new vechile is avaible at the cost of 3.3 million, who would buy the same old vechile at 2.9m? I understand imported car( invincible or Thai made could be offered at higher prices relatively but why same Vigo v or G or Double cabin?

What i have thought is, maybe people here on pakwheel set a higher price for theirs vehicles merely for a bargain, so that even after alot of bargain, buyers still buy the car at theirs demand. Am i right?