Dear Friends and Experts,

I have purchase a Passo and gone through its first service from a known mechanic. He checked all the things and tol that engine is perfect rest what he did was

  1. Fuel Filter Service (was dirty) - 1000 Rs
  2. Exhaust (catylatic converter) Service - 1500 Rs
  3. Wheel Brakes Service - 600 Rs
  4. Plug Service, Throttle Service,Tappet Cleaning all is said as (Engine tuning) - 600 Rs
  5. Oil Changed (Zic X5 Synthetic with oil filter) - 1800 Rs

So all it cost me around 5500 Rs for the first time, Now i would like you guys to please comment on his service and price and also guide me if something is left which needs to be checked or Any thing he did which was not required ?

JazakAllah .