Hello PW Members,

I have "Acquired" for sometime a Toyota Prius Model 2000 with 100K / KM on the clock, am attaching the pictures,

SHE IS HYBRID (Combination of Gasoline & Electric Motor) [getting an error uploading images sorry]

Mechanically Car need some suspension & break job., and replacment of Tyres. Performance wise she is amazing. It has a 1500 C VVTI engine and the unbelievable fuel average of 28KM/ Litre in city running. & 40KM/L on highway, Top speed i did was 120KM and more but Tyres are not stable so I did not risked pushing it across 120.

She is 2 speed automatic with P-R-N-D-B [B is like L1]

The amazing part (not for me) for those who ride and test her, she is silent have no noise the only way to know what is happening is the Graphic display which display power flow from engine & battery as it happens, Car starts on Gasoline and then on driver have no idea what is happening under the hood and what is source of movement, momentum and acceleration.

Trust me if I get english the ECU in english version and someone can help me with English translation of whole interiors display buttons, I'd 'PAY' for the car., which is under One Million in this condition.

Input & comments awaited,